blood cells

GPB Scientific is a privately-held cell-separation company which markets its technology to life sciences companies and research establishments. The company has accumulated an extensive portfolio of patents and know-how utilizing microchip technology for size-based enrichment and/or for affinity-based cell capture.

Although the technology can be customized for the enrichment of cells of interest from a variety of media, the company currently focuses on blood fractionation. Using the company's microfluidic chip technology, close to 100% of white blood cells can be isolated for further analysis while removing red blood cells and platelets to undetectable levels. "Existing sample preparation devices are primarily based upon density gradient centrifugation, lysis, filter-based techniques and bead-based affinity selection. In general these processes are complex, yield incomplete fractionation, clog easily and/or introduce bias to the data" [See in list of publications: PNAS 2006, 14779 — 14784.]

GPB's technology offers a superior process for the fractionation of whole blood:

  • Cell viability approaching 100%
  • No lysis of red blood cells
  • No hemoglobin contamination
  • Quantitative isolation of leukocytes (including granulocytes)
  • Fractionation of small blood samples (20 to 100 µl) in 5 to 10 min
  • Preparative isolation of leukocytes at a rate of 10 ml/hr

GPB offers a superior value proposition:

  • Fully automated technology
  • Very gentle process
  • Reduced sample handling
  • Reduced labor cost